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Oldfield Primary School

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Year 6

Miss Killeen (Y6O) & Ms Robinson (Y6L)

In Year 6 we offer an exciting and challenging curriculum to prepare children for the end of KS2 and a smooth transition to high school.

We expect children to have more independence and responsibility for their learning.

Children learn how to work as a team or independently and learn a variety of skills to equip them for their future.

This can range from analysing and solving mathematical problems, presenting to an audience, adapting their writing to different genres including poetry, persuasive writing and journalism.


  • The Year 6 curriculum is very broad with many opportunities for cross curricular links. In Maths we set across the year group in order to tailor individual learning. There is a focus on mental maths and problem solving.
  • English is taught in class with teachers tailoring the work to suit every child’s individual needs. There is a strong focus on drafting and editing written work and children often draft their work in General work books before writing it up in their English books. Children read a variety of texts from classical to modern authors, often linking in with the rest of the curriculum Children are taught to listen carefully to another person’s point of view and present their work to the class.
  • In Science the children work on challenging investigations to conduct a fair test, make predictions, record and evaluate their findings.
  • The creative curriculum in Year 6 gives children the opportunity to learn new history and geography topics. Art and DT are often linked to our creative topic. Children in Year 6 continue to learn the violin and various genres of music.
  • Children in year 6 are expected to be role models in the school and have responsibilities and privileges which go with being in the final year of primary school. In the summer term children have the opportunity to work on transition projects in order to prepare them for high school.

During the Spring term in Year 6 we celebrated finishing our Ancient Greece topic by having a Greek Day. Some of us came to school dressed as an Ancient Greek, we tried Greek food such as Greek salad and hummus
and also had a performance from the Freshwater Theatre.

We also had a visit from A-Life who taught us about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on our bodies. This workshop was great fun, got us moving around and researching harmful substances.