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Oldfield Primary School

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Year 3

Mrs Farci (Y3O) & Miss Dale (Y3L)

We have many exciting activities and projects for the children in Year 3!

  • The beginning of the year saw children travelling back to The Stone Age. We visited the Museum of London to look at artefacts and have a Stone Age Day to help us experience what it would be like to live in Stone Age times.
  • Later in the year, we will be studying Ancient Egypt. We are learning about the pyramids, the Nile, the Pharaohs and mummification. We will be having an Egyptian Day where children will dress up as Pharoahs and take part in a royal banquet!
  • We always link our DT project to our curriculum topics. During the year children will be making Stone Age houses, Egyptian necklaces and a Viking boat. Children always get really enthusiastic about these projects and showcasing their final products.
  • In Maths,over the year children will be expected to become fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value. With this children should develop efficient written and mental methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers. They should also have developed their ability to solve a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimal place value.
  • In English, children develop their skills to read books accurately and at a speed. They should have a good understanding of what they have read. There are exciting opportunities to help encourage children to read, e.g. Reading Month, rapid reading scheme books and book fairs. They practise writing for a range of different genres and begin to have an awareness of the reader. They will be studying a number of quality texts e.g. The Village that Vanished and The Iron Man. Extra e-learning activities can be accessed through the resources in ‘My USO’.
  • Year 3s are enjoying the use of the outdoor classroom as well as using the nature trail. They are excited using the CHILL (Child Initiated Learning Location) room where they can use the computers and laptops to extend their learning. The library is also available in the CHILL for them to research and extend their general knowledge.

As part of our Religious Education studies, Year 3 visited the Hindu Temple in Neasden on the morning of Tuesday 21st February.
The children were very excited and enjoyed the trip immensely.

Year 3O have been studying the Ancient Egyptians this term.
We ended our topic with an Ancient Egyptian Day which the children thoroughly enjoyed.