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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.

Year 1

Ms Inson and Miss Diaz Garcia (Y1O) & Miss Yacoub (Y1L)

We have a very exciting year planned for all the children in Year 1!

  • There are lots of interesting activities in Maths and Literacy with pupils writing poetry as well as solving money related problems.
  • In Science the children are learning about everyday materials, life processes and living things, physical process such as pushes and pull, and working scientifically.
  • They are developing their ICT skills by using the Internet to research and using software programmes to make graphs, cards and their own talking story book.
  • In History, we looked at the role of the poppy during WW1 and we have compared our school and local area in the past and present. The children were really excited about the different festivals that they took part in and celebrating like Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and looking forward to Easter.
  • Throughout the year, the children will be taking part in lots of outdoor activities. These include using our fantastic nature area and our outdoor classroom for all areas of the curriculum.
  • During Green Week, the children will have an opportunity to visit the school pond and grow some vegetables in our allotment. Each term the children will take part in a cooking or baking activity ion our practical room.
  • We encourage parents / carers to attend our Inspire mornings so that they can learn more about what goes on in our classrooms and how they can support their child at home with their learning. We also look forward to parents / carers attending the various assemblies that the Year 1’s will be showcasing.